Where has Gene -Chip- Tatum connected to Rick Lentini Intelligence group.

Granada Iran Contra.

He was an Ex CIA Blackops assassin Rick Lentini is Founder and President of Intelligence Group International. Mr. Lentini is a former law enforcement officer. As an investigator Mr. Lentini has specialized in cases ranging from Murder, Kidnapping (Domestic and Abroad), Extortion, Missing Persons, Murder for Hire, Corporate Espionage, Bank Fraud, Insurance Fraud and Domestic Violence. Mr. Lentini is an expert Negotiator, and has been trained in the field of Interrogation. He has also specialized in all Civil Cases. Mr. Lentini has worked with several federal law enforcement agencies in many different capacities. Mr. Lentini is a former member of the US Army Special Forces. He holds a bachelor.s degree in psychology and addictions counseling. Mr. Lentini is a martial arts instructor in the art of Tae Kwon Do and studies Krav Maga. Mr. Lentini is a Master Executive Protection Specialist, body guarding for Movie Stars and Corporate Executives alike. Mr. Lentini is an International investigator with a worldwide network of investigators.